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Is Peters Supply Hiring?

Web Content Developer Internship

Elmira, NY- Ever been online shopping, you click on the link for what you want and voilà!  Nothing.  Nada.  No picture and a crummy description.  Think that item gets purchased?

Without web content, this page would be blank! Are you the right person to help fill in the blanks?  We are hiring Web Content Development Interns.  Full and Part-Time Internship positions will be awarded to awesome people who want the opportunity to help our amazing clients find exactly what they want (oh, and fill in that blank space on your resume!).

 You’ll be responsible for:

  • Identifying, organizing and uploading critical content for our shoppers at
  • Creating compelling content and getting it shared to target audiences
  • Interacting between HTML editor and our windows based platform and SQL database
  • Brainstorming and creative design


  • Positive attitude.
  • Proven ability to learn a new skill, and improve a process
  • Highly organized, with ability to prioritize time sensitive assignments

What will differentiate you

  • Awesomeness. 

Contact us @




Where can I find the Safety Data Sheets?

Safety Data Sheets are available to customers who have an e-commerce account with PETERS SUPPLY. E-commerce accounts are available to all customers. To register, please visit click here.

How do I place an order?

PETERS SUPPLY offers many ordering methods to help ensure our customers keep their facilities are up and running. Methods include:

  • E-commerce Ordering (Available 24/7/365)

  • Phone/Fax/EDI Ordering (Available 24/7/365)

  • Vendor Managed Inventory- Bulk stock is stored at your location to be prepared for variations in use. PETERS SUPPLY manages the agreed -upon inventory levels, allowing customers to free up their supply chain personnel. This turnkey MRO option allows customers to maintain control by owning the stock.

How do I contact PETERS SUPPLY in an emergency?

If you are unable to contact your sales representative directly, call our toll free number (866) 977-3005. Within 30 minutes, an on call representative will contact you.

Contact Us
Tel (607) 733-3005
(866) 977-3005
Fax (607) 733-0563